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Stone Chapel Pentecostal Holiness Church

1996 W Highway 378 Hannah
Pamplico, SC 29583

Rev. Brandon Poston


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Our History

In 1930, Temus Miles wanted to have a place for his family to worship. He was holding fast day meetings on Fridays in his home. Mr. Miles, Rev. Hilary Baldwin, and a group of men put up a tent at the corner of Woods Rd. in the Hannah community. Much prayer, fasting, work, and singing went along with this project. When the services were held, there were many saved. Ellis Turner and Leo Poston were among those saved. These converts became faithful, dedicated workers and prayer warriors.

In 1933, this group decided to build a church. Judge Henry Stone donated the land (hence the name "Stone" Chapel) for the church known as "the pole church." Tree poles had been donated by people in the community. The poles were cut and peeled by the group of worshipers. Years later, a "block and mortar" church was built.

In 1968, the idea for a new church was shaped by Rev. Terry Tripp. With the help of David Matthews, Mitch Benton, and with financing from Lake City State Bank where Buddy Lamb worked, the new sanctuary became a reality. The building was completed in 1969 and is still worshiped in today.

Through the years, God has blessed Stone Chapel with saved souls, sanctified hearts, Spirit-filled lives, miracles, healings, and great revivals. One such revival, preached by Rev. Robert Ward and Rev. Reese Miles, added twenty-five members on one Sunday in 1964.

Stone Chapel has always been a place of hard work and worship for our Lord Jesus Christ. What dedicated and faithful members the Lord has blessed this church with through the years. God will continue to be faithful and bless Stone Chapel as we obediently serve Him until He comes!

(Church History compiled by Ruby Lee Cameron)

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